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We live in a social world. Your Social Media presence is more important now that ever before. The issue is most businesses do not know how to make social media work. Sound familiar?

Not being able to make it work is not your fault. You have most likely mislead. The days of posting endless promotions are over. We are now in the attention business. As Gary Vaynerchuk puts it “I day trade attention and build businesses”

He who can get the attention of the user wins. That is not easy in the always connected, nose in the phone, attention deficit world we live in. We help build the gap between social media being a waste of time and winning on social media.

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Your website is a reflection of your brand and identity. That’s a no brainier right? However, so many businesses put little thought into their site. They know they need one, so they through a site together and it does nothing for them. Sometimes the site actually hurts them.

Your website should be working for you and not against you. A pretty website is great. But a pretty website that converts is so much better. That is what Stronger Website Design (SWD) is about. 

Create a great site that not only looks good, but also brings more revenue into the business.

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When someone is searching for a service you provide are they finding you? if not that should be your number one priority. Local Search Optimization is the best online asset you have. If you are not being found on local search you are losing and losing big.

I believe having a top placement in local search is the best asset you have. The only other factor that can compete is your location, and if your location is not great this is something you absolutely need to survive.

The problem is it is very hard and very confusing on how to make that happen. You really have two options, pay for your position or optimize for it. Both require a specialized skill set. A skill set that we have.

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If you are paying for advertising you need to budget for online advertising. More specificly you need to be advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Right now that is where I advise all of my clients to put their budget. If done right it can be the most profitable advertising you have ever experienced. If done wrong it can drain your bank account fast.

We specialize in helping local businesses develop profitable advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Contact us today and we can discuss how we can help you leverage the power of the internet and the technology it provides us.