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How I’ve Been Using a Simple Online Asset That Every Local Business Has To Profitably And Predicatively Generate More Phone Calls And Leads Like Clockwork.

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With Your Employees


Your Marketing

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Unique "KLT Authority System"

Real Results Online

Standing Stronger Productions helps local doctors offices Get Real Results Online. We are able to achieve big agency results for small businesses though our unique KLT Authority system.


The first step is making sure your business can be found. If nobody knows you exist, how will they get to know the awesome services you provide. You need to leverage the available mediums on the internet to introduce your company, your values, and your awesomeness to the people who are looking for you.

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Next, you need to turn on the charm… so to speak. Not only do you want your potential customer to like and follow your social media accounts, you want to build a virtual relationship. The scope of advertising has changed. It is no longer a one-way conversation. The ability to not only introduce your company to strangers but the ability to get them to like you before they ever step foot in your place of business is a game changer.

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Trust is never given. It is always earned. However, there are multiple ways to earn that trust. The internet gives us the opportunity to get word-of-mouth referrals on a massive scale. One way to gain trust is to give your happy customers a way to leave reviews. Don’t tell people you are trustworthy, Let your raving fans do it for you.

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Whats The Next Step

That Depends on What You Need...


With Your Employees

This is our most popular option for the small local businesses we work with. We will train you or your employees, give you the tools you need, and give you the action plans to put the training and tools to work for your business.


Your Marketing

This option is reserved for businesses that are looking for a managed solution. We will take over the online marketing for your business and you reap the rewards of our work.

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What Are Others Saying?


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“Shannon Herod has been instrumental with getting my business out into the web with positive results.”

Dr. LaRocca

Chiropractor, LaRocca Chiropractic

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“Shannon Herod was instrumental in getting my business on the radar screen for Google and definitely helped increase our membership.”

Morris Porton

Owner, Lift More Fitness

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“Let’s find and contact him! His video production and internet presence is something that our practice lacked and needed.”

Dr. Sheridan

Orthodontist, Suncoast Braces